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ATutor is an Open Source Web-based Learning Management System (LMS) used to develop and deliver online courses. Administrators can install or update ATutor in minutes, develop custom themes to give ATutor a new look, and easily extend its functionality with feature modules. Educators can quickly assemble, package, and redistribute standardized W…
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admin 5478 added check for existing member email address that matches admin's
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inbox 5604 reset incorrectly specified strings %s to digits %d for security
include Fix a XSS vulnerability in mods/_core/users/admins/detail_log.php
install 5495 created queryDButf8() function to handle the installer's utf8 ch…
jscripts adjust alignment of scroll-to-fixed topnav and subnav
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mods 5601 added addslashes() in addition to ENT_QUOTES for htmlspecialchars()
themes reset topnavlistcontainer overflow to auto, to remove scrollbar from …
tools markup validation and cleanup
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confirm.php 5549: added in missing creation date when generating cofirm hash
contact_instructor.php replace mysql with queryDB()
content.php added ===TRUE to check for AT_FORCE_GET_FILE, which was failing
enroll.php 5261 manually merged mancollgunda's pull request to change error to i…
exestyles.css move code up one directory
favicon.ico move code up one directory
get.php added ===TRUE to check for AT_FORCE_GET_FILE, which was failing
get_acheck.php move code up one directory
get_course_icon.php added check to see if icon is custom or sock
get_custom_logo.php replace subtr(glob()) which does not work, with a hack to get the cus…
get_noid.php 5065: Replace unknown Content-Disposition with "inline" value.
get_profile_img.php 5065: Replace unknown Content-Disposition with "inline" value.
get_rss.php replaced mysql with queryDB
go.php 5425 added at_db_connect to go.php
ie6.html 5013 added IE6 detection, and a redirect to a static sorry page
index.php test commit
login.php Issue 5421: Autoenroll for already registered users
logout.php 5447 have logout redirect to index.php, which redirects to login.php …
move_module.php replaced mysql with queryDB
newuser.sql added delete privilege for new mysql users create for subsites
password_reminder.php replaced mysql with queryDB
popuphelp.php 5556 file no longer in use, flagged for deletion
profile.php 5416 replace accidentally removed top level profile page
readme update readme file
registration.php Issue 5421: Fixed indentation
search.php various responsive adjusments, and aria additions
sha-1factory.js move code up one directory
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switch_view.php replaced mysql with queryDB


ATutor readme:

To install ATutor simply point your browser to your installation and follow the provided instructions.

For additional installation details see:

Or, the official ATutor Handbook:

Installing from a GitHub Clone
1. If you are installing ATutor from a GitHub clone, rather than an ATutor bundled distribution, follow the usual installation and upgrade instructions at the link above.
2. Before running the Installer, you will need to create an empty config file. To create the file, from the ATutor base directory, issue the command 
touch include/
3. Then follow the instruction given by the Installer.

GitHub Basics
If you wish to have code you've developed added to the ATutor public source code, you will need to understand a few Git basics.



The ATutor Development Team
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