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Adding Remedial Content feature into ATutor #19

merged 30 commits into from Jan 23, 2013

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anvk commented Jan 22, 2013

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anvk added some commits Jan 9, 2013
@anvk anvk Adding Remedial Content field to the T/F and Ordering questions. Addi…
…ng new messages and slight changes to the question UI.
@anvk anvk Create a question footer which consist of the feedback, remedial cont…
…ent and submit buttons. Changed styling a bit to highlight remedial content field. Changed long type question.
@anvk anvk Changing multi-answer and multiple-choice questions. 73901f8
@anvk anvk Changing few more type of questions to support Remedial content field. fd67216
@anvk anvk Adding remedial content to the last question type. a79ba81
@anvk anvk Adding expandable sections for remedial content in the passed test se…
@anvk anvk Adding styles to every stylesheet. Show remedial content only if the …
…score for the question is 0. Refactor code so that it works with IE7 and IE8. Moved javascript into separate file for tests module.
@anvk anvk Adding a link to Hide/Show all the remedial content in the test resul…
…t page. Added proper style to the link to all stylesheets.
@anvk anvk Showing remedial content for all the questions which did not get the …
…full mark.
@anvk anvk Adding a function for returning an array of remedial content for a sp…
…ecified student & test
@anvk anvk Tiny code readability improvement. 7f50a36
@anvk anvk Adding a basic function for rendering remedial content in the test_intro 51e2435
@anvk anvk Adding a header and comments for the remedial content markup generation 31c8b5f
@anvk anvk Refactoring of the Create/Edit test page by adding a function to gene…
…rate radio button markup. Few more optimizations in JS and in markup. Also fixing an issue of enabling/disabling fields when specific radio buttons are checked.
@anvk anvk More HTML markup refactoring. 12ff98c
@anvk anvk Add functionality to check if the Remedial Content should be present …
…for a display depending on the test options. Few minor changes.
@anvk anvk Taking out JavaScript hide_elements function into a dedicated JavaScr…
…ipt file for tests
@anvk anvk Cleaning up JavaScript tests file 3cb28ad
@anvk anvk Added proper comments in code 7eda969
@anvk anvk Adding proper GoTo links to the Take Test page. 9d37d75
@anvk anvk Few small fixes. Hide the info header if there is nothing to show. So…
… if there is no Remedial Content or Settings to show it is OFF then nothing to show.
@anvk anvk Merge branch 'umaster' into remedialContent eccaa25
@anvk anvk Removing unused message. e68002a
@anvk anvk Adding database changes to the atutor_schema file for new installatio…
…n instances.
@anvk anvk Rearranging code so that it supports php 5.0 Commenting out the exist…
…ing code for future upgrade up to php 5.3
@anvk anvk Making tables all lower case so that it supported by older versions o…
…f MySQL
@anvk anvk Adding a SQL upgrade file for version 2.1.1 621215c
@anvk anvk Dealing with the case of on-going test so that un-answered questions …
…would not generate remedial content
@anvk anvk Adding ability to create and restore test backups which have remedial…
@anvk anvk Converting all tabs to spaces in every file I worked with. This chang… a91e0d1
@atutor atutor merged commit 2c1662e into atutor:master Jan 23, 2013
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