Integrates the LifeType blogging platform with ATutor.
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/*  LifeType/pLog module for ATutor README  */

This module will link in student, instructor, and administrator features of the pLog 1.0.2 (and presumable 1.0 & 1.0.1) blogs application (see Upgrading below for additional 1.1 Instructions). Plog must be installed and functioning prior to installing this module. The module creates a single blog for each course, owned and managed by the primary course instructor. All students enrolled in a course with the pLog enabled can post to and read those course blogs. 

**pLog Website**

**plog Documentation**

IMPORTANT: The first course ID and the first user ID in ATutor need to be reserved for the blog's initial public blog and the blog admin  user.  This means that *before you install this module* you will need to delete or move the first course created on the system (the default first course is the Welcome Course created when ATutor is installed, so often it can just be deleted) and delete the initial user with the ID "1" created during the ATutor install  from the ATutor members table, and recreate that account as a new user if necessary. If that user owns courses, those courses can have the recreated user assigned as the instructor by modifying the properties of those courses in the administrators Courses section. We will look at some way of dealing with this potential conflict better in future releases of this module.

IMPORTANT: All blog entries are displayed in the Public Blog.(summary.php). It can be removed by editing the links in the index.php file within the plog module source code.

ALSO IMPORTANT: Disable the registration link in the template/summary/header.template otherwise blogs created by users will end up conflicting with course blogs, which are based on ATutor course IDs.

**Installing the ATutor Module**
Install pLog itself prior to installing the pLog module.  pLog can be installed anywhere next to, or with your ATutor installation directory. You must pLog using the existing  ATutor database as the database for the pLog installation. 

After referring to the pLog documentation and installing pLog into the *same database as ATutor*, upload the pLog module into the ATutor mods directory. Unzip the module there to create the plog/ directory. Then using the ATutor administrators Install Modules tool, choose the LifeType/pLog modul;e for installation.

**Administrator Accounts**
Only a single pLog administrator account is available by default when it is used as an ATutor module, and that admin must own the first blog on the system. ATutor admins might use the admin account create when pLog was installed, or create a regular account in ATutor, enroll in, or create a course, then manually set that plog account to have administrator privileges. 

**Upgrading to LifeType 1.1**
Upgrading the module to work with LifeType 1.1 is possible by adjusting a couple commented lines in: