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<cfcomponent hint="base class for taffy REST components">
<!--- helper functions --->
<cffunction name="representationOf" access="private" output="false" hint="returns an object capable of serializing the data in a variety of formats">
<cfargument name="data" required="true" hint="any simple or complex data that should be returned for the request" />
<cfargument name="customRepresentationClass" type="string" required="false" default="" hint="pass in the dot.notation.cfc.path for your custom representation object" />
<cfif arguments.customRepresentationClass eq "">
<cfreturn getRepInstance(application._taffy.settings.defaultRepresentationClass).setData( />
<cfreturn getRepInstance(arguments.customRepresentationClass).setData( />
<cffunction name="noData" access="private" output="false" hint="use this function to return only headers to the consumer, no data">
<cfreturn createObject("component", application._taffy.settings.defaultRepresentationClass).noData() />
function that gets the representation class instance
-- if the argument is a beanName, the bean is returned from the factory;
-- otherwise it is assumed to be a cfc path and that cfc instance is returned
<cffunction name="getRepInstance" access="private" output="false">
<cfargument name="repClass" type="string" />
<cfif application._taffy.factory.containsBean(arguments.repClass)>
<cfreturn application._taffy.factory.getBean(arguments.repClass) />
<cfreturn createObject("component", arguments.repClass) />
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