Custom token regular expressions

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When creating your API it is sometimes useful to have similar but distinct URI's or endpoints. For example, you may want to expose course data at a school; and allow listing all courses for a term as: /courses/2012A, but also by department, as: /courses/engineering.

Previously, if you wanted to put these into two different CFC's you'd run into trouble because their taffy:uri patterns would be too similar: /courses/{term} and /courses/{dept} causes Taffy to throw an exception because it can't tell the two tokens apart.

As of Taffy 1.2, you can now specify a custom regular expression for each token, so that you can guarantee uniqueness.

So, in our example here, we can use this for courses by term: /courses/{term:\d{4}[A-D]} and this for courses by department: /courses/{dept:[A-Za-z0-9]+}.

Note: You can't supply the same regular expression to both CFC's; that's still illegal. /courses/{dept:\d{4}} and /courses/{term:\d{4}} are still indistinguishable from one another. The Regexes must be unique.

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