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I get a lot of questions by email. This way anyone can read the answer!

Anything means anything - Personal questions. Making and spending money. Work. Life. Coding. Workflow. Setups.

I'm the CTO of a small bootstrapped startup in the Higher Education space; we all work 100% remote. I still spend 95% of my time coding. I've spent the majority of my career writing CFML, but I try to take a polyglot attitude and we're actively looking at what's in our future after CFML. I also enjoy creating educational content of all sorts: blogging, conference presentations, videos, and so on.

In my free time I skydive and I'm a bit of a board game enthusiast. I have a wife and two kids and we live in the suburbs of Philadelphia, PA.

I'm @AdamTuttle on twitter, and I blog at

I created and maintain Taffy, the most popular REST API framework for CFML. I wrote the eBook REST Assured: A Pragmatic Approach to API Design in just two weeks.