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CFML Grammar for Atom

This project is based on an auto-generated conversion of the official CFML TextMate Bundle, and is under active development.

Pull requests welcome.


Build Status

  1. Command line: Run apm test from the package directory.
  2. Atom:
    • Open the package in Atom.
    • Choose Run Package Specs from View -> Developer, the Command Pallete, or the keyboard shortcut.

Contributing to Tests (a rough guide)

  1. Create an it('test description', function() {}); that describes the scenario.
  2. Tokenize the line, e.g. var tokens = grammar.tokenizeLines('<cfcomponent name="Test Component">');
  3. Make assertions about what classes the line should have. (I usually console.log(tokens); to see what is coming and add new selectors where I think they should be.)
  4. Submit a pull request with your new test(s). You don't even have to fix the bug (though it would be awesome if you can)!

Shepherding Only

To my knowledge, this is the best choice of CFML grammar plugins for Atom. It also sees fairly regular contributions from the community to make it better. But I do not personally actively develop it.

I created this project because (1) GitHub offered a TextMate bundle conversion tool (and there was a CFML TextMate bundle available), and (2) Nobody else had created it yet. I haven't taken the time (nor do I have it to take!) to learn how to code the grammar so that I can contribute, so my contribution is only to merge incoming pull requests and release new versions. I do my best to stay on top of that.

I don't offer any warranty that this project will work perfectly or even decently now or into the future. But it probably does, because the contributors are awesome people.

Personally I bounce back and forth between Atom and Sublime Text 3 for my own needs. Both have their strengths and weaknesses.


👾 A CFML Language for the Atom Editor






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