ColdFusion snippets for Sublime Text 2 . Include some MXUnit, and RocketUnit snippets that I use often.
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Color Scheme - Default



This package contains both Syntax Highlighting rules for ColdFusion (The "ColdFusion" folder), and a collection of Snippets (The "ColdFusion-Indy" folder) for quickly inserting CFML code.

The syntax highlighting is mostly a port from the cfTextMate TextMate bundle.

The snippets in the ColdFuion-Indy folder are the ones that I use myself. Feel free to use them if they are useful to you. Otherwise you can ignore or delete the folder.

I've also included a Textmate color scheme that I like: Merbivore Soft. I've tweaked it to make it work much nicer with ColdFusion code.

Installing on Mac:

  • Move/Copy the "ColdFusion" folder into ~/Library/Application Support/Sublime Text 2/Packages/ folder
  • Create a symlink from the Installed Packages folder to the physical copy in the Packages folder. This enables it in Sublime.
  • If you want to use my variation of the "Merbivore Soft" color scheme from TextMate, copy the file Color Scheme - Default/Indy Merbivore Soft.tmTheme into the folder ~/Library/Application Support/Sublime Text 2/Color Scheme - Default.
  • If you want to use my snippets, Move/Copy the "ColdFusion-Indy" folder into ~/Library/Application Support/Sublime Text 2/Packages/ and Symlink it into the Installed Packages folder. These are not required to get ColdFusion syntax highlighting.

Installing on Windows:

Note: I've tested this only on Mac OSX. Not sure how it works on Windows/Linux.