Intelligent script-based querying for CFML
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Intelligent script-based querying for CFML.

Born out of the idea that script queries as designed by Adobe are too complex and unintuitive. Based on this proposal, with an affordance for Query of Queries since we can't use the proposed QoQ solution in userland.


Step 1: Drop iQuery.cfc into {cf-root}/CustomTags/com/adobe/coldfusion/
Step 2: There is no step 2


[result =] new iQuery( SQL [, parameters] [, options] [, QoQ] );

parameters: { id: 1, lastname: 'foo', ... }
options:    { cachedWithin: createTimeSpan(...), datasource: 'myDSN', ... }
QoQ:        { people: new iQuery(...), ... }

Simplest form:

When you set Application.datasource, you don't actually have to pass any options at all for simple queries:

top10users = new iQuery( "select top 10 * from users" );


result = new iQuery(
	"insert into myTable (name) values (:name)"
	,{ name: "Bob the Builder" }
inserted_id = result.generatedKey;


result = new iQuery(
	"select * from users order by lastname"
	,{ maxRows: 20, cachedWithin: CreateTimeSpan(0,1,0,0) }


The string @NULL@ will be automatically converted to insert a null value for the specified column.

result = new iQuery(
	"insert into myTable (some_nullable_column) values (:val)"
	,{ val: "@NULL@" }

Additional Parameter Attributes

If you want to specify additional queryparam attributes, pass a structure rather than a simple value. The name attribute may be excluded since you're already specifying it when naming the param structure.

For example, instead of using @NULL@ as described above, you could do this:

result = new iQuery(
	"select * from users where middlename = :middle"
		middle: { null: true }

This more complex form can also be used to set the list attribute:

result = new iQuery(
	"select * from users where type in (:typelist) order by lastname"
		typelist: {
			value: 'a,b,c,d'
			,list: true
	,{ maxRows: 20 }

... or to set a specific type:

result = new iQuery(
	"select * from users where middlename like :middle order by lastname, firstname"
		middle: {
			value: 'z%'
			,cfsqltype: 'cf_sql_varchar'

Query of Queries:

Pass any recordsets you want to read from as the 4th argument, qoq. Reference them in your SQL as qoq.[key_name]. Don't forget to set dbtype: 'query' in options.

variables.people = new iQuery("select name, age from person");

variables.octogenarians = new iQuery("
	select name, age from qoq.people
	where age >= 80 and age <= 89
", {}, { dbType: "query" }, { people: variables.people } );