Auto-start server or save url settings? #2

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It would be nice if the tool would auto-start a new instance of your server if you don't provide the url option.

Alternatively, it could work to have the url stored as a per-project config option, maybe in a hidden .mxunit-watch file.

atuttle commented Oct 18, 2013

Autostart is an interesting idea but I fail to see how it relates to the url parameter. Plus, there are at least 5 different ways to start a cf server and that sounds like something that should go into its own module (if done at all) that could be used by this one.

The .mxunit-watch file idea is good though. Maybe it could even write it for you whenever you pass the -l flag (write to the current directory). I haven't tested running it without the -d flag but we should be able to use the current directory by default.

@seancoyne seancoyne added a commit to seancoyne/mxunit-watch that referenced this issue Jun 27, 2014
@seancoyne seancoyne refs #2: adds ability to read a .mxunit-watch file for configuration,…
… also allows you to save your command line arguments to a .mxunit-watch file for later use

Signed-off-by: Sean Coyne <>
atuttle commented Jun 27, 2014

@russplaysguitar you ok if we close this issue? I don't think autostart is a realistic goal at the moment, and @seancoyne's changes take care of the .mxunit-watch file request.


sounds good!

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