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The Idea


People upload their art to platforms like Instagram, DeviantArt, Behnace. What if people digitally buy their art as a means to support the creator, like a patron. The flow would be along these lines:

  • Seller advertises a product that becomes an NFT on-chain. Once all the details, bill etc. are uploaded, the NFT is up for sale.
  • People send off-chain signed bids to buy the product.
  • When seller accepts a bid, the buyer's amount goes into an escrow contract.
  • The delivery boy delivers the product and asks them to digitally sign "Received", only then the payment is released to the seller and NFT goes to buyer's account.


  • Pay only a small amount for a digital copy of the art, like the art tokens.
  • May also list who all owned an artwork in the past, thus adding value to it.
  • USP: a very cool on-boarding flow for the art creator.
  • There are blockchain collectors as well and they might be willing to pay huge amounts just because they like the creator.
  • May invite people like Franky as round 1 artists to put up their art.


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