Double-entry accounting ledger parser
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Double-entry accounting ledger parser


use TXN::Parser;
use TXN::Parser::ParseTree;

# parse ledger from string
my $txn = Q:to/EOF/;
2014-01-01 "I started the year with $1000 in Bankwest"
  Assets:Personal:Bankwest:Cheque    $1000 USD
  Equity:Personal                    $1000 USD
my Ledger $ledger = TXN::Parser.parse($txn).made;

# parse ledger from file
my $file = 'sample.txn';
my Ledger $ledger = TXN::Parser.parsefile($file).made;



Test Dependencies

To run the tests:

$ git clone && cd txn-parser
$ peru --file=.peru.yml --sync-dir="$PWD" sync
$ PERL6LIB=lib prove -r -e perl6


This is free and unencumbered public domain software. For more information, see or the accompanying UNLICENSE file.