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AI in Finance
AI in Health
AI in Small Business
Current Platforms and where to start
Introduction to AI and ML
What are the current impacts of ML and AI in the market.
What you need to know to be a practicing AI person.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Course

In this course I help assist a curiour mind that wants to know the echo system of Artificial Intelligene from ground up.

I take the student step by step in a bried introduction into the arena of Machine Learning and AI.

This course is designed for people who don't know much in this field and are currently looking for a starting point.

If you have advanced in this arena you will find the material very basic.

How to get this material:

Clone this repository

git clone

After you have cloned the repository to your folder of choice -- fire up a jupyter notebook editor in order to interact with the material. Most of the material is in .ipnb (Notebook format)

This material constitute learning materials for the free online course on '' -- the material is strictly introductory for more core material more content will be availed

Good Luck!

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