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// The path to the TortoiseSVN TortoiseProc.exe executable
//"svn_tortoiseproc_path": "C:\\Program Files\\TortoiseSVN\\bin\\TortoiseProc.exe",
// The path to the TortoiseGit TortoiseProc.exe executable
//"git_tortoiseproc_path": "C:\\Program Files\\TortoiseGit\\bin\\TortoiseProc.exe",
// The path to the TortoiseHg thgw.exe (or hgtk.exe) executable
//"hg_hgtk_path": "C:\\Program Files\\TortoiseHg\\thgw.exe"
// windows users will sometimes need to set git/tgit.exe path
// "git_tgit_path": "C:\\Program Files\\Git\\bin\\git.exe",
// The number of seconds of time to cache VCS statuses - tweaking this may
// help computers with slower hard drives
"cache_length": 5,
// If context-menu entries should be enabled
"enable_menus": true,
// If debug messages should be printed to the console
"debug": false,
// Use workbench instead of log (TortoiseHg >= 2.0)
"use_workbench": true