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This is a live coding tool for HLSL, inspired by:


  • Dependencies

    [If you won't bother the compiling stuff, just run bin/live_coding.exe and play around.]

    To compile, you will need following libs:

    • DirectSDK, June 2010.
    • Boost 1.41(or newer).
    • FMOD 4.32(or newer).

    Only vs2010 project is provided, so please use vs2010 to compile.

  • Live Coding

    The program only runs on Win7. The way of typing codes is very like vs2010 except mouse is not supported, you can only use keyboard to move caret and input.

    Following list some shortkeys, see src/TextEditor.cpp for more.

    • Ctrl + 'S' : save codes to file and compile.

    • Ctrl + 'O' : open an existing file.

    • Ctrl + 'M' : turn on/off music.

    • Ctrl + '-' : decrease volume.

    • Ctrl + '=' : increase volume.

    • Tab : auto jump (when the next char is ')' or '}').

    • Ctrl + ',' : jump into next scope.

    • Ctrl + '.' : jump out of current scope.

    • Ctrl + 'C' : copy current selection. (or current line if select none)

    • Ctrl + 'L' : cut current line.

    • F1 : toggle show/hide text editor.

    • F2 : toggle antialiasing.

    Have fun!