Utility command-line tool to rapidly and easily fetch data from square/cube evaluator
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Utility command-line tool to rapidly and easily fetch data from square/cube evaluator.

Leverages rendezvous expressions to rapidly select what data in the time you need.

Command line output is by default exported as CSV format but you can use programaticaly the API.


$ npm install -g cube-get


Get the IPs in cube_request done today at 9:30 in the morning over 30 minutes :

$ cube-get event 'cube_request(ip)' --start today@9:30 --over 30m

Get the number of requests of last week's week-end (7 days before) starting at 7:30 for each hours :

$ cube-get metric 'sum(cube_request)' --start today-7d@7:30 --over 2d --step 1h

Get types :

$ cube-get types

And so on...


Usage: cube-get ['metric', 'event', 'types'] [expression] {OPTIONS}


  --expression, -e  Expression to be evaluated by Cube evaluator 

  --start, -s       Start date of fetching. Can be a 'rendezvous' expression 

  --stop, -S        Stop date of fetching. Can be a 'rendezvous' expression  

  --over, -o        A 'rendezvous.duration' expression. Time window over wich
                    the event or metric will be fetched. The missing start or
                    stop option will be deduced from this      

  --limit, -l       Maximum number of value to fetch. Can be a
                    'rendezvous.duration' expression, the numeric value will be
                    deduced from 'step'             

  --step, -t        Metric resolution exprimed as number or as
                    'rendezvous.duration'. As reminder, Cube supports 5
                    resolutions : 10s, 1m, 5m, 1h and 1d        [default: "10s"]

  --format, -f      Output format : pure json or csv            [default: "csv"]

  --json            Shortcut for output format in pure json
                                                     [boolean]  [default: false]

  --inverse, -i     Inverse date format in csv : mm/dd/yy to dd/mm/yy
                                                     [boolean]  [default: false]

  --host, -H        Cube evaluator host              [default: "localhost:1081"]

  --request, -r     Only ouput the computed request without executing it
                                                     [boolean]  [default: false]

  --help, -h        Display this message                                      


Be carefull to corectly escape your expressions..