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Welcome to the Events page of Aarhus University Open Coders!

This group and organization are based on the Mozilla Science Lab's Study Group project! Mozilla "Study Groups" are informal meetups of colleagues and researchers from around your local institution or town to share skills, stories and ideas on using code for research. The goal is to create a friendly, no-pressure environment where people can share their coding knowledge, ask for help on a coding problem, and learn or teach together with their peers.

For Participants

Welcome! A few things to do & know now that you're here:

  • Watch this repo and/or the main repo: up in the top right, there's a button that says 'Watch'; click it, and set yourself to 'Watching'. This will send you email notifications of new discussions. If you only want to be notified about events (and not any other discussion topics), watch just this repo. If you want to stay updated on all group doings, watch the main repo AND the Events repo. If you don't want email, but would like an alert just on GitHub, change the setting in Settings -> Notification Center (Settings is the little cog in the top right).
  • Check out the issue tracker in the main repo: click on 'issues' in the sidebar on the right; this is where all the conversations this study groups is having live. Use this space to ask questions, request events, make suggestions, or just say hi.
  • Read the code of conduct: this Study Group is for everyone - we abide by a set of rules that require everyone be treated with respect. Help us make a space where everyone feels welcome, and we'll all have a better time!

This repo is for events only - issues are linked to specific Study Group events so that people can watch only this repo and not be overwhelmed with notifications.