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  2. +1 −1  lib/tumble.rb
@@ -6,6 +6,36 @@ A Ruby wrapper for the v2 of Tumblr's API, supporting all endpoints.
## <a name="configuration"></a>Configuration
+The gem is designed to work with Tumblr's OAuth provider for authentication. If you're using omniauth,
+there's a fine adapter available [here][]. You'll also need to
+register your app [here][] in order to get a consumer key and secret.
+Once you have those values, you can configure Tumble in an initializer like so:
+ require 'tumble'
+ Tumble.configure do |tumble|
+ tumble.consumer_key = config['tumblr']['key']
+ tumble.consumer_secret = config['tumblr']['secret']
+ end
+Connections can then be made by creating a client, passing the OAuth token and secret you get back from
+ client =, access_secret)
+User-related endpoints can be accessed through the client directly, as documented [here][].
+For example:
+ client.user_info
+All methods will return a Hashie::Mash of the results. For data about blogs and posts, use the blog() method on
+the client, passing the name of the blog. The methods for blogs are documented [here][].
+For example, getting posts for a specific blog can be done like this:
+Most of the calls allow for options to be passed, as a hash. Options are documented in the links above and are consistent
+with the naming and functionality described in the [Tumblr docs][].
## <a name="documentation"></a>Documentation
2  lib/tumble.rb
@@ -3,7 +3,7 @@
module Tumble
- VERSION = '0.0.8'
+ VERSION = '0.1.0'
def self.configure
yield Config
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