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A Factorio mod that exposes your utter failure
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A mod for Factorio 0.14.13 and above.

When you die, the mod guesstimates what caused your death and messages other players so they know of your failure.

Features over 100 short obituaries, categorised by cause of death:

  • Friendly attack
  • Enemy attack
  • Drowning (player ends up on water tile)
  • Fire
  • Biters, etc
  • Trains
  • Fish!
  • Unknown

More can be added over time, a list of possible things can be found here. Just ask :)

By default it will limit to one obituary per 2 minutes (edit delay value in control.lua to change that). This is to prevent obituary spam in large MP games.


Contributions welcome, via github please!

I've tried to structure it so it's as simple as possible to add new causes of death (entity types in particular), the obituaries themselves, and also localisation.

Credits & License

Inspired by Simple Death Messages mod originally by NoPantsMcDance. I was going to update it for 0.14 but ended up writing a completely new mod.

MIT License

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