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Aureliano Bombarely aubombarely

  • Boyce Thompson Institute for Plant Reserach
  • Ithaca, NY, USA
  • Joined on


@bioperl @solgenomics
  • @aubombarely 8586f32
    Fixed a bug when the reads produce ids without backslash
  • @aubombarely 1fb647f
    Added a hash to collect the stats to create a file at the end of the …
  • @aubombarely 1001602
    1- Added new stats; 2- After the repeat assembly it checks if the ass…
  • @aubombarely 7ca5164
    Fixed a bug checking the coverage
  • @aubombarely d79efe6
    Added a check for completeness of the assembly
  • @aubombarely 8c81c6c
    Changed the way to evaluate the repeat to avoid the removal of valuab…
  • @aubombarely bddb54d
    Changed some of the status messages. Added a die after check the numb…
  • @aubombarely 6336314
    1- It reorients the assembly based in the reference. 2- FIxed an erro…
  • @aubombarely 26830c9
    Fixed a error counting sequence length
  • @aubombarely a6e68f0
    Fixed the scaffolding to resolve the repeats
  • @aubombarely 748ea1b
    Organelle_PBA, added the option to do BlasR independently for SSPACE-…
  • @aubombarely c8a999a
    Organelle_PBA, added the help using -h
  • @aubombarely 29b044b
    Organelle_PBA, added check_circularity step based in the sprai script…
  • @aubombarely ec6a1cf
    Organelle_PBA, check for the Sprai script
  • @aubombarely acf1ff7
    First commnit for the Organelle_PBA script
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