[THIS REPO WILL GET DELETED UNLESS SOMEONE TAKES IT OVER, SEE #16] — A VarryingVagrantVagrant Setup for Testing & Reviewing WordPress Themes
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A WordPress Theme Reviewers VVV

This is an auto-sitesetup designed to be used with Varying Vagrants Vagrant for reviewing WordPress.org themes.

To get started:

  1. Clone this repo to your VVV/www folder
  2. Update to a release tag to keep stable
  3. If your Vagrant is running, from the Vagrant directory run vagrant halt followed by vagrant up --provision.

Perhaps a cup of tea or coffee now? The provisioning may take a while.

Then you can visit http://themereview.wordpress.dev to start developing or reviewing themes.


What will happen?

  • Install WordPress and import "Theme Unit Test Data"
  • Install a bunch of developer plugins you'll need
  • Install any .zip themes located in the root

Credentials and Such

Theme Review

  • Username: admin
  • Password: password
  • Login: login

MySQL Root

Reviewing Themes

If you drop a theme's .zip file into the root folder (not htdocs) provisioning will automatically install the theme ready for activation.

Yes, drop six zip files and all six themes will install automagically.

To start over (review another theme):

You can do it the soft way using (I know it's long, Text Expander?) vagrant ssh -c 'cd /home/vagrant/www/wordpress-themereview-vvv/ && rm -Rf htdocs/ && sh vvv-init.sh'. Or, you can do it the hard way vagrant reload --provision and get a cup of coffee.



  • Theme's update when you provision props @jrfnl
  • New debug plugin: log-deprecated-notices-extender props @jrfnl
  • More information presented about what's happening behind the scenes props @jrfnl
  • Fix to error causing Windows 7 to not provision props @jrfnl


  • Now you can use the quick way to reset everything and it will still import your theme .zips


  • Merged in smartness from grappler/theme-review/
  • Now you can add .zip files in the root and they will install at provisioning time


  • Theme Unit Data is dynamic props @RCowles


  • The old VVV theme review