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@@ -17,17 +17,20 @@ Configure
1. Sign up for a Scribd API key [here](
2. The following configuration settings need to be made (e.g. in an initializer):
+ ```ruby
ScribdCarrierWave.config.key = {{Scribd API Key}}
ScribdCarrierWave.config.secret = {{Scribd Secret Key}}
ScribdCarrierWave.config.username = {{Scribd Username}}
- ScribdCarrierWave.config.password = {{Scribd Password}}````
+ ScribdCarrierWave.config.password = {{Scribd Password}}
+ ```
3. In the CarrierWave uploader you wish you use with Scribd, add the line ````has_ipaper````
4. For each attribute the uploader is mounted as, add the following attributes to the model. For instance, if the uploader is mounted as :attachement add
+ ```ruby
t.integer :attachment_ipaper_id
- t.string :attachment_ipaper_access_key````
+ t.string :attachment_ipaper_access_key
+ ````
Scribd-CarrierWave will now automatically upload new attachments to Scribd as a private document, and save the id and access_key on the model.
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