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Chrome DevTools App.


This project is Discontinued. See

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Chrome DevTools packaged as an app using electron-prebuilt.

This project is an exploration of how much work it would take to separate Chrome DevTools from Chrome itself and to explore what separation from the browser would bring to the table in terms of new functionality, etc.

I've written an article about this project, where I go in detail, and provide a few perspectives on what this project could evolve into.

Intro Tools


  1. Go to the releases page, and download the latest DMG installer (Mac only, for now)
  2. Drag Chrome DevTools App to your applications folder
  3. Start an instance of Chrome with remote debugging enabled
  4. Start Chrome DevTools App
  5. Wait a second or click the refresh button.
  6. Targets should show up. Click "Go" next to your target.
  7. Bam. There go you.


How to get started from source?

  1. Run npm install
  2. Run npm start

How to start this app from source?

  1. Run npm install
  2. Run npm install bower-cli -g
  3. Run npm start

How to start a debug version of this app?

Run npm start


How to make a new build?

Run npm run release

This project is highly experimental.

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