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Final Assignment for Data Structures Course

This project represents the culmination of the Fall 2017 Data Structures course at Parsons/New School as part of the curriculum for the MS in Data Visualization program.

This project consisted of 2 final sub-projects building on earlier class assignments:

  1. Alcoholics Anonymous Meeting Data.

    • scraping, parsing and geocoding Alcoholics Anonymous meetings from raw text files
    • designing a new data model
    • building, maintaining and interfacing with MongoDB
    • creating a map-based interface
  2. Photon Sensor Data.

    • programming a Particle Photon sensor utilizing accelerometer and hall (magnetic) sensors.
    • setting up sensor to collect 1 months worth of data (recording refrigerator activity).
    • designing data model to store sensor readings
    • built, maintain and interface with Amazon RDS.
    • create API endpoint on Amazon EC2 server to get sensor readings
    • connect sensor data to a prototyped user interface tracking refrigerator usage.


Part 1 can be found here.

Part 2 can be found here.

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