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Jekyll plugins by Aucor

Collection of plugins for the Jekyll static site generator.


Plugins included in this repository:

  • strip.rb - Block tag for trimming away unwanted newlines and whitespace between them.
  • weighted_pages.rb - Generates a page listing with pages sorted by a weight attribute.
  • hyphenate.rb - Provides a hyphenation filter using text-hyphen



Using eg. forloops to generate navigation produces often a huge amount of ugly whitespace. Wrapping the section with {% strip %}{% endstrip %} replaces the blocks of whitespace with one newline resulting in pretty markup.


Add weight attribute to the front matter of your pages (like weight: 1) and use site.weighted_pages instead of site.pages in your loops.

Pages without the attribute are sorted to the end of the list (in the default order).


By default the filter hyphenates content of all paragraph tags, but this can be customized at line 19 using Nokogiri css-selectors. You probably want to use this like {{ content | hyphenate }}

Requires Nokogiri & text-hyphen gems.


Plugins written by Janne Ala-Äijälä of Aucor Oy


Copyright (c) 2012 Aucor Oy. Released under MIT Licence (see LICENCE for details).