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A lightweight and versatile audio player
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build-aux Update autoconf/automake files.
contrib Add patches to fix gtk_show_uri() on Windows. Closes: #540.
images images: Add SVG file for the about-logo. Closes #479.
m4 Actually, support OS X 10.7 too
man Small formatting fix.
po Update translations from Transifex.
src libaudqt: Only allow editing in InfoWidget if updating_enabled is set.
.gitignore Update .gitignore.
.hgignore Add a .hgignore file for use with hg-git.
AUTHORS Credit where credit is due.
COPYING Import libguess snapshot from Git.
Makefile images: Add SVG file for the about-logo. Closes #479.
acinclude.m4 Build plugins with -fvisibility=hidden.
audacious.desktop Update translations from Transifex. Remove libaudgui and GTK+ dependency from core. Pull changes from upstream buildsys to enable building subdirs in par… Preserve timestamps when installing (saves pointless recompiling). Audacious 3.7-alpha1. Integrate embedded libguess into build system. New script.
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