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build-aux Update autoconf/automake files. Sep 14, 2013
contrib Use https for audacious-media-player.org URLs. Jan 29, 2018
images Add a bunch more icons (all that we ship with the Windows build). Jan 21, 2018
m4 Conditionally include .deps in Makefiles. Jan 20, 2018
man man: Use https for Creative Commons URL. Aug 4, 2018
po Update translations from Transifex. Aug 4, 2018
src audqt: Use deleteLater() to prevent use-after-free in Qt event handli… Sep 20, 2018
win32 Update to GLib 2.52.3 and use upstream patch for gettext deadlock. Jun 3, 2018
.gitignore audqt: Compile SVG icons into a Qt resource. Jan 21, 2018
.hgignore Add a .hgignore file for use with hg-git. Feb 27, 2012
.travis.yml Run libaudcore tests as part of Travis CI build. Nov 5, 2017
AUTHORS audqt: Make URI and metadata copyable in infowin. Jan 26, 2018
COPYING Update copyright year. Jan 29, 2018
INSTALL Update files from automake and gettext. Dec 17, 2011
Makefile SVG icons no longer need to be installed separately. Jan 21, 2018
acinclude.m4 Disable -Wstringop-truncation only for newer GCC. Aug 8, 2018
audacious.desktop Update translations from Transifex. Aug 4, 2018
audacious.pc.in List datarootdir in audacious.pc as recommended by autoconf. Closes: … Feb 3, 2018
autogen.sh Pull changes from upstream buildsys to enable building subdirs in par… Sep 15, 2013
buildsys.mk.in Undo accidentally committed changes. Jan 25, 2018
configure.ac Audacious 3.10. Aug 8, 2018
extra.mk.in Added an automatic detection of Qt5 binaries path. Jan 21, 2018
mkrelease.sh New mkrelease.sh script. Apr 23, 2013