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List (or plunder) private repos/gists to which a token has access, including those of other users
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Explore github content given a valid token.


The token is read from the GITHUB_TOKEN environment variable. I chose this so I don't end up putting tokens in HISTFILEs. Your options are to source it from a file with source .env or go ahead and prepend it like so: GITHUB_TOKEN=xyz git-ls user.

Run git-ls with no arguments to see what data can be listed.


Below are some useful filters to use with jq, the CLI json parser.

# Just private gists
❯❯ git-ls gists | jq '.[] | select(.Private == true)'

# Just repo names
❯❯ git-ls repos | jq -r '.[].Name'

# Repos that don't belong to the GITHUB_TOKEN owner
❯❯ git-ls repos | jq '.[] | select(.Owner != "audibleblink")'


I tried to select the most useful properties returned by the GitHub API to keep noise low. These are the properties that you can filter on with jq


  • Owner
  • Description
  • GitPullUrl
  • Files
  • Private


  • Name
  • Description
  • URL
  • Owner
  • Organization
  • StargazersConut
  • Private

Accessing Data

If you have the API token that got you this far, it can be placed into an HTTP clone request.

git clone https://${GITHUB_TOKEN}

If you just want all the secret repos the token has access to

git-ls plunder

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