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API Reference

Things to know / remember

The API is REST-based. All requests follow a standard format, see the api introduction for an overview of how to perform these requests.

All parts of a URL in bold are parameters that should be replaced before making calls!

Any /account/... urls will act on the user corresponding to the OAuth access token provided. They will return an unauthorized response if OAuth authentication hasn't been performed.

The different API endpoints are broken up by section :

Posts / AudioClips







Uploading Chunked (Partial) Files


Some users may be blocked from messaging or following others.

If you GET the details of an individual user, there is a messaging_enabled flag indicating whether that user can be messaged, and likewise for the following_enabled flag

Each message in the inbox contains a user[messaging_enabled] flag showing if that message can be replied to.

Image Formats

Only JPEG and PNG image formats are tested and known to work at the point.

Audio Formats

We will attempt to transcode any audio file that you throw at us. We explicitly support FLAC, MP3, and AIFF/WAV.

File Uploads

Files should be sent using HTTP multipart encoding. You must include a 'filename' parameter in the Content-Disposition multipart header, to ensure that our webserver processes it as a file. If you're authenticating via OAuth, be sure to use the Body Hash extension.

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