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Getting help with using the audioBoom API


Mailing Lists

You can ask for help & discuss the API with fellow developers on the audioBoom Discussion google group, and the discussion list should be your first port-of-call with any problems. At a minimum the audioBoom devs should also be subscribed to this list.

Make sure you search for existing open discussions on the same topic before starting a new thread

Issue Tracking

If you think there's something wrong with our server - post an issue on the Github page. This way we can track it, ask questions and solicit feedback.

As with the group, make sure you search and comment on any existing issues before raising a new one

Security Issues

We would appreciate that any security concerns or issues are NOT initially discussed in public. If you have a security issue to raise, please contact the email addresses directly in the first instance. Whilst we try to run audioBoom in an entirely transparent fashion, we'd appreciate the chance to fix any serious security issues before they become widely known or exploited.

Rest assured that we will document and credit the discovery of any security issues we receive and explain action we have taken to remedy the situation once it's no-longer exploitable.