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# Overview of the Audioboo API
## iPhone Plugin ##
If you're an iPhone developer, you can simply drop the Audioboo plugin into your own app and be done in half an hour. [Find out more](
## Android App ##
Audioboo's official Android app is open source. [Anyone is welcome to contribute](
## The Audioboo API ##
-You should find enough information in this wiki to start playing with the audioboo API. This is quite definitely a work in progress - so check back frequently as more and more things are updated.
+Alternatively, you can use Audioboo's REST-style API.
For bugs and problems with the API, use Github issues. For general discussion and help, see the [Google group](
You twitter users could also follow [@audiobooapi](, if thats your thing.
-*IMPORTANT:* The API is currently a work in progress and has been released to gauge interest and potential use-cases. Whilst we'll endeavor to keep it as stable as possible and try to maintain backwards compatibility, it may be necessary for us to change published API calls. Rest assured we'll try and consult on the discussion list before making serious changes.
# Where to from now? #
## Required Reading ##

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