Linux and Mac OS support for the H100i Water Cooler
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DISCLAIMER: OpenCorsairLink is not an official Corsair product. It is licensed under the GNU General Public License (version 2) in the hope that it will be useful, but with NO WARRANTY of any kind. Corsair and Corsair Link are trademarks or registered trademarks of Corsair Components, Inc. The trademark holders are not affiliated with the maker of this product and do not endorse this product.


  • master: Use this branch as stable/release version
  • testing: Use this branch as testing/release canidate
  • feature/*: Use these branches as cutting edge features (Use at your own risk)


Since the program needs direct hardware access you should run this with 'sudo' or as root.



Known Working Hardware

Supported Water Coolers (but not fully tested):

  • H80i (HID)
  • H80i v2 (Asetek)
  • H100i (HID)
  • H100i GTX
  • H100i v2 (Asetek)
  • H110i (HID)
  • H115i (Asetek)
  • H115i Pro (Asetek Pro)

Supported Power Supplies:

  • RM650i
  • RM750i
  • RM850i
  • HX850i
  • HX1000i
  • HX1200i

Supported Additional CorsairLink Devices:

  • Commander Pro


Maintainers reserve the rights to modify and remove issues, pull requests and comments therein, that are denunciating, off-topic, harmful, hateful and overall inappropriate. Please be appreciative, humble and kind to each other.