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Text on finding a Job overseas in different countries, under an open source license
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Ver 6 for the International Careers Content

Update 3/3/2020

Moving Country and job seach information over to this repo under the /kb/workabroad link for a Meetup. I will add voice code to the entries and use them as examples.

Repository for code for a desktop client enabling recording and sharing audio using Twilio (, written in php and html.

  • Used for a meetup in Tokyo to job seekers for bilingual jobs in Japan.
  • Used to share language skill checks and feedback.
  • Any use cases you can think of

Code is php, and based on Twilio platform, at the url . All rights to their code examples below to them. The MIT license only covers sample code I post here if not already covered by another license.

In general, all of it is based on sample code on the twilio website so it can be taken from there as well. I just build on it for specific uses for learning and sharing audio.

Text is in html and markdown. The MIT license covers the text, unless there are parts quoted from other sites.


Client - In this folder are examples of soft, desktop client html code that I post to share.

Using bootstrap for the client and bootswatch for the skin/outer look theme.

Twiml - Examples from Twilio website that I download to work on as examples, or code for voice features that I have adapted.

kb - Migration of Help and How To content on finding a job overseas in Japan and other countries.

How Does this Work with:

Job Placement counselors helping foreign students to find jobs in the Japanese job market.

For Students

  • Record a self-introduction or career experience and share with a reviewer
  • Put a QR code on a resume to enable reviewers to listen to a self-introduction
  • Track number of people who listen to a self-introduction
  • Put a 050 (virtual) phone number on a resume and track calls generated by the resume/cv

For Counselors

  • To record feedback for resume submissions
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