Re-usable Wordpress setup, Vagrant + Wordpress core as a submodule (experimental!)
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Wordpress Machine

Wordpress Machine provides a boilerplate setup for Wordpress on a LAMP stack running under Vagrant.

The Wordpress core is included as a submodule.
This makes Wordpress updates reasonably quick (just a submodule checkout + commit + deploy).

Included stack:

  • LAMP
  • Ruby 2.0 via rbenv
  • screenfetch
  • composer
  • phpMyAdmin
  • Forge for Wordpress theme setup and asset compilation (SCSS, CoffeeScript)
  • wp-cli for command-line scripting of Wordpress. This allows us to seed content, import/export content between environments, and more.
  • Provisioning scripts via ifeelweb/ifwWordPressDevEnvironment
  • Wordpress as a submodule via Darep/wordpress-boilerplate

How-To for Designers

Getting Started

You'll need a few programs installed on your machine:

Install Vagrant (
Install VirtualBox (

Clone the Wordpress Machine repo from GitHub (or ask for a ZIP'd copy, that works too).

Open, and change to the directory (cd) where the code is extracted and the Vagrantfile resides. You can drag-and-drop this folder from Finder to the Terminal window to insert the full path.

For example:

cd ~/Documents/Projects/wordpress-site

Now startup Vagrant:

vagrant up

This will take about 20 minutes. Vagrant is creating a virtual machine with Wordpress running on it, and configuring the site.

Once this process is complete, browse to (the IP address of the virtual machine now running on your computer), e.g.:


Or for Wordpress admin:


Wordpress Admin Login:

  • username: admin
  • password: password

Modifying the Theme Design

Log in to your virtual machine using SSH, e.g.:

cd ~/Documents/Projects/wordpress-site
vagrant ssh	

On this virtual machine, everything in your local wordpress-site folder shows up in the VM's /vagrant folder.

So, within the VM, switch directories to the site theme, e.g.:

vagrant ssh
cd /vagrant/site/site-theme

NOTE: If you don't have a Forge-generated site-theme, you can create one, with:

vagrant ssh
cd /vagrant/site

If you have a Forge-generated site-theme already, you can copy it into ~/Documents/Projects/wordpress-site/site/site-theme and run Forge, which compiles SCSS for us:

vagrant ssh
cd /vagrant/site/site-theme
forge watch

Now Forge is watching any changes you make, and will apply them to the site theme automatically.

Try making CSS changes to site/site-theme/source/_site.scss, and you should see them update

Saving your changes to the Git repository

Tech Notes

Wordpress is served out of site/

Wordpress theme goes in site/site-theme and forge watch auto-publishes to wordpress/wp-content/themes/site-theme. (See Forge docs for more info on how this works).

You can also setup /etc/hosts to point to subdomains so you can do:

Add these records to your local machine's hosts file


(PMA = phpMyAdmin)

(see for details)


Wordpress provisioning scripts via:

Wordpress Boilerplate + Git submodule setup via:

Alternate Chef setup is also possible, see:


DB setup and seed with test content automagically!

Wordless (HAML) w/ Ruby installed in VM

Automatic hosts setup via:
Vagrant.require_plugin "vagrant-hostsupdater"

Use .env environment variables instead of hardcoding wordpress db config! Extract site-specific config to its own file?

Wercker CI to auto-build/test w/ Vagrant on every deploy?