Volumio I-Sabre 9028/9038 Plugin with driver compiled to specific kernel version
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audiophonics Volumio 2.502 update
Driver updated with Mute command mixed with Digital volume (To match last volumio behavior)
Mute control is only available when OLED display is connected, or require DAC firmware update.
Latest commit c13bed8 Nov 26, 2018


Volumio 2 Manual plugin installation :

To activate SSH connection, create a "ssh" file named to /boot directory (this is the partition that you can see from windows)

Installation of zip version :

** Replace file name if needed **

cd /home/volumio
wget https://github.com/audiophonics/Volumio2_I-sabre9028_plugin/raw/master/Q2M_kernel_4.14.71.zip
miniunzip Q2M_kernel_4.14.71.zip
cd Q2M
volumio plugin install

You now just have to reboot and select I-Sabre into Volumio output device.

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