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2011-02-20 Evan Harris <>
* Added support for subsecond timer resolutions. This is required
for future support of alternate PTP profiles, as well as to be able
to spread out DELAY_REQ messages when used in domains with a large
number of clients.
2011-02-01 George Neville-Neil <>
* Add support for DNS lookup of timeserver for unicast.
* Add support for unicasting delay requests.
* Add code to dump packets on demand via the -P flag as well as in
response to updates that violate either the -M or -O flags.
2010-10-12 George Neville-Neil <>
* 2.1.0 First main line release of PTPv2 code base
* Add code to limit how much of an offset or delay the client is
willing to tolerate.
* Add support for BINTIME on FreeBSD which gives more accurate
packet timestamps.
* Add quality file support
* Fix significant bugs that prevented correct operation in
End-to-End mode.
* Add support for syslog.
* Add support for user configurable TTL.
* Clean up code formatting, headers, comments etc.
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