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Backbone.SoundManager2 is a wrapper around SoundManager2 that helps including and using it within a Backbone application.

How to use?

You should initialize a single Backbone.SoundManager2 player object, for instance as a global App.player:

App.player = new Backbone.SoundManager2

The player expects to be given playable objects, that is Backbone.Model objects, extended with a getAudioURL asynchronous method to return a URL to be played.

App.player.load playable    # Play a playable model
App.player.toggle()         # Toggle play/pause
App.player.stop()           # You got this one, right? :-)
App.player.setPosition 0.25 # Set playing position to 25%
App.player.setVolume   0.75 # Set volume to 75%

Please, refer to the code for more details about the available functions. Each of them are properly documented.

How to integrate?

A Backbone.SoundManager2 instance will emit events related to its actions. Those events are also emitted on any playable model current being played.

You can use those to integrate the player within you Backbone.View. For instance, for a global player view:

class App.View.Player extends Backbone.View
  initialize: ->
    App.player.on "released", @clear
    App.player.on "loaded",   @loaded
    App.player.on "loading",  @loading
    App.player.on "paused",   @paused
    App.player.on "played",   @played
    App.player.on "playing",  @updatePosition
    App.player.on "resumed",  @played
    App.player.on "stopped",  @stopped
    App.player.on "finished", @finished

  updatePosition: (sound) =>
    return unless sound?

    @$(".bar .filler").css "width",
      "#{Math.round(100 * sound.position / sound.durationEstimate)}%"

    position = new Date sound.position

    # Duration is an estimate so we're better
    # computing it each time..

    duration = new Date sound.durationEstimate

    @$(".played").text _.sprintf("%d:%02d", position.getMinutes(), position.getSeconds())
    @$(".remaining").text _.sprintf("%d:%02d", duration.getMinutes(), duration.getSeconds())

Likewise, for a view referring to a playable model:

class App.View.Track extends Backbone.View
  initialize: ->
    @model.on "player:paused",   @paused
    @model.on "player:played",   @played
    @model.on "player:resumed",  @played
    @model.on "player:stopped",  @stopped
    @model.on "player:finished", @finished


If backbone.modelizer is installed, playable.retain() will be called when playable is being played and playable.release() will be called when playable is being released.


Just include backbone.soundmanager2.js after including backbone.js and soundManager2 and before any code that makes use of it and you're ready to go!

If you want to use it as a browserify module, simply include it in your package.json

"dependencies": {
  "backbone.soundmanager2": "git://"

Then, after doing npm install, you'll be able to require it in your app. For example:

var Backbone.SoundManager2 = require('backbone.soundmanager2');