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=== Reading progressbar ===
Contributors: audrasjb,whodunitagency
Tags: reading, progressbar, progress, scroll, read, bar, position, indicator, template, lecture, barre, suivi
Requires at least: 4.5
Tested up to: 4.7.1
Stable tag: 1.2
License: GPLv2
License URI:

A reading position indicator that you can use where you want: top, bottom or custom position in differents templates or post types.

== Description ==

Get a reading position indicator as a progress bar and show it where you want: top, bottom or custom position in differents templates or post types.

It uses `<progress>` HTML element and few lines of javascript.


*   Progress bar’s height
*   Foreground color
*   Background color
*   Position (top, bottom, custom)
*   Class/ID of HTML element to fix the bar (if custom position selected)
*   Page templates
*   Post types (natives or custom)

**Credits** : 

*   [Jean-Baptiste Audras]( "Jean-Baptiste Audras"), project manager at [Whodunit]( "Whodunit WordPress Agency") and WordPress developer. @audrasjb on [Twitter]( "@audrasjb on Twitter") or [Github]( "@audrasjb on Github").

**Contributors** :

*   German translation by [Josef Seidl]( "Josef Seidl") <3

Add your own language pack on GlotPress or do pull requests on [Github]( "Plugin repo on Github"). Contributors will be credited here :)

== Installation ==

1. Install the plugin and activate.
2. Go to Settings &gt; Reading Progressbar to manage plugin’s options.

== Frequently Asked Questions ==

= Does it works on WordPress network/multisite? =

Sorry but this plugin doesn’t supports network/multisite installation in it's free/public version. 
It will be fixed on version 2.0. Contact me if you want to help or ask for more informations.

== Screenshots ==

1. Plugin option page.
2. Reading Progressbar in custom fixed position on Twenty Seventeen Theme.

== Changelog ==

= 1.2 =
* Add german translation and fixed a JS bug while loading the progressbar value. We need to load the whole page before display the bar :)

= 1.1 =
* i18n ready.

= 1.0 =
* Plugin initial commit. Works fine :)