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New WordPress Core feature proposal: Privacy Data Request front-end Form.
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WordPress Core Privacy Data Request Form 🔐

Development of a new WordPress Core feature – Privacy Data Request front-end Forms.

Table of content:

About 🔎

The purpose of this repository is to prepare a future Privacy Data Request Form feature.

The feature is based on an existing plugin: GDPR Data Request Form, initially created by @audrasjb and @whodunitagency.

In this repo, you’ll find the folders/files that have been modified from WordPress Core (current trunk).

To test/contribute, just copy these files in your WordPress install.


See WordPress Core Privacy Team roadmap:

Front End User Initiated Requests (Feature Plugin)

In 4.9.6, the ability for an administrator to initiate a data export or data erasure for a user by email address was added. While this provided sites with the tools to be compliant with new laws and regulations, site owners are still left to find a way to accommodate those requests. Adding a way for users to initiate this request on their own would prove a more “out of the box” experience and decrease the burden on site administrators to initiate these requests themselves. Related tickets: #44013

Features / to-do list 🛠

  • PHP Function to display the Privacy Data Request Form: wp_get_privacy_data_request_form()
  • New Core Widget: WP_Widget_Data_Request
  • Add filters to handle strings customization in the forms
  • Add possibility to choose either to show remove request, export request, or both in PHP Function
  • Add possibility to choose either to show remove request, export request, or both in Core Widget
  • Filter Documentation
  • CSS classes documentation
  • 🔲 Gutenberg Core Block
  • 🔲 Wording audit
  • 🔲 Accessibility audit
  • 🔲 Security audit
  • 🔲 Coding standards audit
  • 🔲 Graphic Design audit
  • 🔲 Inline Doc audit

Contributors 👥

  • audrasjb
  • whodunitagency
  • xkon

Documentation 📚

Function: wp_get_privacy_data_request_form()

$args (array) An array of default Privacy Data Request Form arguments. Default: None.

Default parameters: see Filter/Parameters section below.

Filter: privacy_data_request_form_defaults


privacy_data_request_form_defaults filters the default form output arguments. It is part of the function wp_get_privacy_data_request_form().


$defaults (array) (required) An array of default Privacy Data Request Form arguments. Default: None.

The defaults set in the wp_get_privacy_data_request_form() function are as follows:

$defaults = array(
	'form_id'                => 'wp-privacy-form-' . $key_id,
	'label_select_request'   => esc_html__( 'Select your request:' ),
	'label_select_export'    => esc_html__( 'Export Personal Data' ),
	'label_select_remove'    => esc_html__( 'Remove Personal Data' ),
	'label_input_email'      => esc_html__( 'Your email address (required)' ),
	'label_input_captcha'    => esc_html__( 'Human verification (required):' ),
	'value_submit'           => esc_html__( 'Send Request' ),
	'request_type'           => 'both', // Accepts 'both', 'export' or 'delete'
	'notice_success'         => esc_html__( 'Your enquiry have been submitted. Check your email to validate your data request.' ),
	'notice_error'           => esc_html__( 'Some errors occurred:' ),
	'notice_invalid_nonce'   => esc_html__( 'Security check failed, please refresh this page and try to submit the form again.' ),
	'notice_invalid_email'   => esc_html__( 'Invalid email address.' ),
	'notice_invalid_captcha' => esc_html__( 'Security check failed: invalid human verification field.' ),
	'notice_invalid_request' => esc_html__( 'Request type invalid, please refresh this page and try to submit the form again.' ),
	'notice_missing_field'   => esc_html__( 'All fields are required.' ),
	'notice_request_failed'  => esc_html__( 'Unable to initiate confirmation request. Please contact the administrator.' ),


add_filter( 'privacy_data_request_form_defaults', 'my_privacy_form' );
function my_privacy_form() {
	$args = array(
		'form_id'                => 'my_privacy_form_id'
		'label_select_request'   => 'Please select a request',
		'label_select_export'    => 'Export',
		'label_select_remove'    => 'Delete', 
		'label_input_captcha'    => 'Please prove you’re a human:',
		'value_submit'           => 'Send your request',
		'request_type'           => 'export',
		'notice_success'         => 'Thanks for your request… Check your email to validate your data request.',
		'notice_error'           => 'There is some errors!',
		'notice_invalid_nonce'   => 'The security nonce failed!',
		'notice_invalid_email'   => 'Your email is invalid',
		'notice_invalid_captcha' => 'Invalid mathematic result :-)',
		'notice_invalid_request' => 'Invalid request: please refresh the page and submit the form again!',
		'notice_missing_field'   => 'Missing fields',
		'notice_request_failed'  => 'Privacy Request failed. Please try again!',
	return $args;

HTML markup and CSS classes

Here is the default HTML markup generated by the function:

<form action="" id="wp-privacy-form-{unique_key}" class="wp-privacy-form" method="post">

	<!-- After submitted, the form will display either an error noce… -->
	<div class="wp-pricacy-form-notice wp-pricacy-form-notice-error">
		Some errors occurred:<br />
		Invalid email address.<br />
		Security check failed: invalid human verification field.
	<!-- …or a success notice -->
	<div class="wp-pricacy-form-notice wp-pricacy-form-notice-error">
		Your enquiry have been submitted. Check your email to validate your data request.
	<!-- end notices -->

	<div class="wp-privacy-form-field wp-privacy-form-field-action" role="radiogroup" aria-labelledby="wp-privacy-form-radio-label-{unique_key}">
		<p id="wp-privacy-form-radio-label-{unique_key}">Select your request:</p>
		<input id="wp-privacy-form-data-type-export-{unique_key}" class="wp-privacy-form-data-type-input" type="radio" name="wp_privacy_form_type" value="export_personal_data">
		<label for="wp-privacy-form-data-type-export-{unique_key}" class="wp-privacy-form-data-type-label">Export Personal Data</label>
		<br />
		<input id="wp-privacy-form-data-type-remove-{unique_key}" class="wp-privacy-form-data-type-input" type="radio" name="wp_privacy_form_type" value="remove_personal_data">
		<label for="wp-privacy-form-data-type-remove-{unique_key}" class="wp-privacy-form-data-type-label">Remove Personal Data</label>
	<p class="wp-privacy-form-field wp-privacy-form-field-email">
		<label for="wp_privacy_form-data_email-5ce684114e5b4">Your email address (required)</label><br />
		<input type="email" id="wp_privacy_form-data_email-5ce684114e5b4" name="wp_privacy_form_email" required>
	<p class="wp-privacy-form-field wp-privacy-form-field-human">
		<label for="wp_privacy_form-data_human-5ce684114e5b4">Human verification (required): {captcha}</label>
		<input type="text" id="wp_privacy_form-data_human-5ce684114e5b4" name="wp_privacy_form_human" required="">

	<p class="wp-privacy-form-field wp-privacy-form-field-submit"><input type="submit" value="Send Request"></p>

Screenshots 🖼

Admin Widget in the Widgets Screen

Admin Widget in the Widget Screen

Public Widget Rendering in Twenty Nineteen (default styles)

Public Widget Rendering in Twenty Nineteen (default styles)

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