Cookiecutter template for a Component package.
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====================== cookiecutter-component

Cookiecutter template for a Component package. See

What is Component?

Component is a client-side HTML, CSS, and/or JS packaging tool.

See for a description and for an index of existing Component packages.

What this code is based on

This started off based exactly off of the component create project template, with these options:

$ component create boilerplate
repo (username/project): audreyr/boilerplate
description: Boilerplate for creating a basic Component package.
does this component have js? y
does this component have css? y
does this component have html? y

      create : boilerplate
      create : boilerplate/index.js
      create : boilerplate/template.html
      create : boilerplate/boilerplate.css
      create : boilerplate/Makefile
      create : boilerplate/
      create : boilerplate/
      create : boilerplate/.gitignore
      create : boilerplate/component.json

This is now evolving past that to meet @audreyr's personal needs, though.