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Cookiecutter template for a jQuery plugin. See

  • Free software: MIT license


$ cookiecutter
$ ... (fill out the values you want)
$ npm install

After generating the project:



This branch is @audreyr's own "opinionated" ultimate jQuery plugin template for projects. It started off as jQuery Boilerplate, but it has since been adapted for @audreyr's preferences.

These are the changes:

  • Follows Felix's Node.js Style Guide instead of the jQuery Core Style Guide:
    • 2 spaces instead of tabs
  • The generated project's links to Felix's guide and has a pull request checklist.
  • Gruntfile has a connect task that starts a local server and opens the demo index.html. This task is also run by default.


This branch aims to be as close as possible to the original jquery-boilerplate, which I'm a big fan of. If it ever gets out of date, pull requests against this branch are appreciated.

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