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This repository hosts the Django-Shop code and documentation.

Django Shop aims to be the easy, fun and fast shop counterpart to django CMS. Specifically, we aim at providing a clean, modular and pythonic/djangonic implementation of a shop framework, that a moderately talented Django programmer should be able to pick up and run easily.

The current state is a roughly functional and highly modular system. Please refer to docs/plugins.rst to figure out what plugin types are available, and what the do

How to help:

  • Development is done on github - please fork!
  • Most of the discussion around architecture decisions / tools etc... take place on IRC (Freenode), on #django-shop
  • Pick a task from the list below :)


  • Now that the class-based views infrastructure is in place, please feel free to go ahead and write more views!
  • Somebody should kickstart an example shop application using django Shop, to use as an example.
  • If you feel like adding templates, please refrain from adding fancy styling to the core set of templates. Styling is awesome, and everybody wants a good looking shop, but it should go in example apps, not in core shop :) Also, please keep templates to the main templates directory only (so that people have a clear view of the templates structure)
  • Writing docs is most welcome :)
  • Refactoring tests to make creating test environments less messy (fixtures?)