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App::I18N borrows some good stuff from Jifty::I18N and tries to provide a general po management script for all frameworks | applications.

Basic flow

Basic po file manipulation:

parse strings from lib path:

$ cd app
$ po parse lib

this will generate:


please modify the CHARSET in po/app.pot.

... modify CHARSET ...

create new language file (po file):

po lang en
po lang fr
po lang ja
po lang zh_TW

this generates:


... do translation here

when you added more message in your application. you might need to update po messages, but you dont have to delete/recreate these po files, you can just parse your messages again all of your translations will be kept. eg:

$ po parse lib

... do translation again ...

Generate locale and mo file for php-gettext or anyother gettext i18n app:

parse strings from . path and use --locale (locale directory structure):

$ cd app
$ po parse --locale .

this will generate:


please modify the CHARSET in po/app.pot.

... modify CHARSET ...

create new language file (po file and mo file) in locale directory structure:

$ po lang  --locale en
$ po lang  --locale zh_TW

this will generate:


(you can use --podir option to generate those stuff to other directory)

... do translation here ...

if you use mo file , you might need to update mo file.

$ po update --locale


-project (master) % po update --mo --podir locale
    Updating locale/zh_TW/LC_MESSAGES/project.po
    Updating locale/zh_TW/LC_MESSAGES/
    9 translated messages, 53 untranslated messages.

Note that if you have po or locale directory exists, then it will be the default po directory.

And locale directory will enable --locale option.

Show Translation Status

$ po status

Translation Status:
    en_US: [                                                  ]  0% (0/8) 
    zh_TW: [======                                            ] 12% (1/8) 

Auto Translation

Auto translate via Google Translate REST API:

Default backend is google translate REST API, This will translate zh_TW.po file and translate msgid (en_US) to msgstr (zh_TW):

$ po auto zh_TW --from en_US

$ po auto zh_CN --from en_US --to zh_CN

$ po auto zh_CN --from en_US --overwrite --prompt

$ po auto --backend google-rest --from en\_US --to zh\_TW

Generate Static Dictionary File For Code

To generate dictionary hash in perl:

$ po gen pm

To generate dictionary hash in javascript (json):

$ po gen json

To general dictionary hash in javascript (with variable name):

$ po gen js


create dictionary files for language:

$ po lang zh_tw en

parse i18n strings:

$ po parse bin lib static share/web/static/js ...

start a web server to edit po file:

$ po server -f po/en.po

start a web server to edit po file of specified language:

$ po server --lang en

extract message from files and start a web server:

$ po server --dir lib --dir share/static --lang en

Server API








For PHP Developers

If you are using gettext extension for your application, You should use --locale option to generate locale structure.

And maketext/l10n.php file for l10n helper class and functions.


  • Initialize a system-side i18n database:

    po initdb

  • Initialize a temporary SQLite database for collaborative editing, and write back when INT/TERM signal recevied or could be triggered by a submit button.