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bin/ Convert from Big5 to GBK (CP936)
bin/ Convert from GBK (CP936) to Big5
map/DerivedAge.txt Unicode code points - Not Installed
map/b2g_map.txt Big5 to GBK Map - Not Installed
map/g2b_map.txt GBK to Big5 Map - Not Installed
map/b2g_map.utf8 Trad to Simp Map - Not Installed
map/g2b_map.utf8 Simp to Trad Map - Not Installed
map/ Generate from Map files - Not Installed
map/ Generate UCM from Map files - Not Installed
map/ Generate Map from UCM Files - Not Installed
map/ Generate UCM from UMap files - Not Installed
lib/Encode/ Traditional and Simplified Chinese mappings
lib/Encode/HanConvert/ Perl-based Encode::HanConvert
AUTHORS List of servers
MANIFEST This list of files
MANIFEST.SKIP List of files to skip
Makefile.PL Makefile writer
README The Instructions
SIGNATURE Signature file
Changes Changelog
t/0-signature.t Signature test
t/1-basic.t Sanity test
t/daode.b5 Test data file
t/daode.gbk Test data file
t/daode_g.b5 Test data file
t/zhengqi.b5 Test data file
t/zhengqi.gbk Test data file
t/zhengqi_b.gbk Test data file
META.yml Module meta-data in YAML
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