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// Drop-in replacement to require('jquery')
var $ = require('jscex-jquery');

// Define an Async function with a special $await keyword in it
var fetch = eval($.async(function(url) {
    // $await takes anything that returns a Promise
    var html = $await( $.get(url) );
    // ...pauses one second...
    $await( $.async.sleep(1000) );
    // something with the returned html...
    return html;

// Return value of the Async function is always a Promise

Demo (HTML5 Canvas required)


This module exports a jQuery root object ($) containing an $.async helper; it compiles a regular function into one that returns a Promise object.

Functions defined with $.async has access to an extra $await keyword, which implicitly waits for other Promise objects.

In addition to jQuery's built-in Promise functions ($.ajax, etc), we also provide $.async.sleep for delaying execution in a synchronous fashion.

Please see example.js for a sample usage, and type make demo to see it in action.

The source code is in src directory and written in LiveScript. Note that LiveScript is not a runtime dependency of this module; it's only used for development.

For use in client-side browser environments, please see examples in the samples directory.

The underlying JIT compiler is available as the $.Jscex object.

See Also

CC0 1.0 Universal

To the extent possible under law, 唐鳳 has waived all copyright and related or neighboring rights to jscex-jquery.

This work is published from Taiwan.