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  • added fix, a fixpoint (Y combinator) for anonymous recursive functions


  • removed lookup - use (.prop)
  • removed call - use (.func arg1, arg2)
  • removed pluck - use map (.prop), xs
  • fixed buys wtih head and last
  • added non-minifed browser version, as prelude-browser.js
  • renamed prelude-min.js to prelude-browser-min.js
  • renamed zip to zipAll
  • renamed zipWith to zipAllWith
  • added zip, a curried zip that takes only two arguments
  • added zipWith, a curried zipWith that takes only two arguments


  • added parition function
  • added curry function
  • removed elem function (use in)
  • removed notElem function (use not in)


  • added listToObject
  • added unique
  • added objToFunc
  • added support for using strings in map and the like
  • added support for using objects in map and the like
  • added ability to use objects instead of functions in certain cases
  • removed error (just use throw)
  • added tau constant
  • added join
  • added values
  • added keys
  • added partial
  • renamed log to ln
  • added alias to head: first
  • added installPrelude helper


  • removed functions that simply warp operators as you can now use operators as functions in LiveScript
  • min/max are now curried and take only 2 arguments
  • added call


  • initial public release