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@japhill japhill released this Jul 15, 2020

BMDExpress2.3 is now compatible with OpenJDK 11. The software is no longer compatible with Java 8.

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@japhill japhill released this Jun 12, 2020

  • When the user selected and specified a value for "Remove Genes with BMD/BMDL >" AND/OR "Remove Genes with BMDU/BMD >" to filter out genes while filling out the input form for Functional Classification, the user specified value(s) were actually compared to BMDU/BMDL of the Best Model for the BMD Analysis result for the gene/probe. This issue has been corrected.

  • The first two non-header lines of the category input file were being ignored when performing Defined Category Analysis. This issue has been fixed.

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@japhill japhill released this Dec 17, 2019

  • IVIVE analysis over 700,000 chemicals and properties using HTTK
  • Sciome GCurveP for non-parametric dose-response modeling
  • LOTEL/NOTEL calculation using Dunnett’s test or Student T-Test
  • Individual gene category analysis
  • Integration of BioPlanet into the Signaling Pathway Analysis
  • Hide/Show table columns
  • Copy/Paste table rows
  • Venn diagram chart viewer for prefilter analysis results
  • Density charts for expression data visual QC
  • Violin Plots for visualizing category analysis results
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@japhill japhill released this Oct 30, 2018

This release addresses one bug:

  1. The Williams Trend Test returned p-values greater than 1 for genes that had little to no signal. This caused the genes to pass the filter even when the user selected "None" for p-value in prefilter window. This problem has been fixed.
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@japhill japhill released this Sep 27, 2018

This release addresses two bugs.

  1. Select Best Poly Model via lowest AIC has been broken since version 1. This release fixes that issue.
  2. The command line version two options to flag hill at 1/2 or 1/3 lowest positive dose.
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@japhill japhill released this Jun 25, 2018


updated version.txt to represent recent command line enhancements
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Jun 21, 2018
slight modification to text in version file
Jun 13, 2018
better naming for files with multi instances in mind
Mar 9, 2018
removed unused files.

@japhill japhill released this Aug 2, 2017

You can now download the latest installer for Windows, Mac and Linux. The application will periodically perform automatic updates so you can easily gain access to new features and bug fixes. Currently the Mac and Linux versions does not allow you to run BMD Analysis nor do they allow you to perform One Way ANOVA filtering. They do allow you to view .bm2 files as well as perform functional classification on existing BMD analyses. If you are running the software on a Linux machine, then please ensure that the latest version of Java is installed and available to the application. The installation package contains an embedded Java installation for the Windows and Mac versions.

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