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Seven Segment Optical Character Recognition or ssocr for short is a
program to recognize digits of a seven segment display. An image of one
row of digits is used for input and the recognized number is written
to the standard output. The program runs on GNU/Linux (some GNU/Linux
distributions provide an ssocr package), FreeBSD (available as a port
as well), Mac OS X (Homebrew can be used to install the library Imlib2,
used by ssocr), and even on Windows (using Cygwin). ssocr should work
on any UNIX-like or POSIX compatible operating system.

Unless ssocr is installed via some packaging system, e.g., from a GNU/Linux
distribution, it is distributed in source form and needs to be built
before it can be used. See the INSTALL file for instructions on how to
build ssocr.

A manual for ssocr is available in the form of a man page named ssocr.1,
you can read it using "make ssocr.1 && man ./ssocr.1" (without the

You can get the current ssocr version from the official ssocr website:
(Links to ssocr should point to the official website, not to a convenience
copy of the development repository, e.g., on GitHub.)

I am usually quicker to reply to emails than to GitHub issues.  But
increasingly Google blocks emails sent by me, so if you do not receive
an answer from me, consider opening a GitHub issue.  Perhaps your email
provider does not allow you to read my solutions to your ssocr problems.

Especially if you are using an or address, or use
your own domain with Google email services, and you do not receive an
answer to an email, it is most likely that Google blocked that answer.
In that case, you can either follow up with a GitHub issue or use a
better email provider than Google.  The only problematic email provider
I know of is Google.

Every file in this repository or archive is licensed under the GNU
General Public License version 3 (or later), unless another license is
explicitly given in the file itself. This includes all documentation
files and the Makefile, and all other files.