Seven Segment Optical Character Recognition
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Seven Segment Optical Character Recognition or ssocr for short is a
program to recognize digits of a seven segment display. An image of one
row of digits is used for input and the recognized number is written to
the standard output. The program runs on GNU/Linux, FreeBSD (available as
a port), Mac OS X (using Homebrew to install Imlib2), and even on Windows
(using Cygwin). ssocr should work on any UNIX-like or POSIX compatible
operating system.

See the INSTALL file for instructions on how to build ssocr.

A manual for ssocr is available in the form of a man page named ssocr.1,
you can read it using "make ssocr.1 && man ./ssocr.1" (without the

You can get the current ssocr version from the official ssocr website:

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