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1 parent f02d8ff commit 263f384087e39ba7de882cbfc7addf564e0bfea5 @aufflick committed Feb 21, 2012
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@@ -17,13 +17,13 @@
(directory-files (concat cdsrc-completions-prefix dirname)))))))
((not mode) (cond
- ((and (eq 0 (length completions)) (eq 0 (length filename))) 't)
+ ((and (eq 0 (length completions)) (eq 0 (length filename))) 't) ;; in our case, only report exact match when no nested dirs left
((> (length completions) 1) (concat dirname (or (reduce 'safe-fill-common-string-prefix completions) filename)))
((eq (length completions) 1) (concat dirname (car completions)))
('t nil)))
((eq mode 't) completions)
((eq mode 'lambda) (member (concat filename "/") completions))
- ('t (cons (list 'boundaries slashpos) (length filename))))
+ ('t (cons (list 'boundaries slashpos) (length filename)))) ;; let completion know our completions only apply after the last /
(defun cdsrc (path)

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