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Revision history for HTTP-Server-Brick
0.1.4 Sat May 11 2013
Changed mount to return $self and added mount_root as per suggestions from Gintautas Grigelionis
0.1.3 Mon June 16 2008
Fixed bug in test where incorrect # tests were reported without SSL installed
0.1.2 Sun June 15 2008
Fixed bug RT #29042 which caused a failure when no explicit port in url
Added better logging for failed handlers
0.1.1 Sat June 14 2008
Implemented X-Brick-Remote-IP header patch, submitted by hdp, and test for same
0.1.0 Sat July 21
Implemented forking and SSL changes submitted by hdp
0.0.9 Thur Jun 28
fixed 'broken pipe' issue and also Build.PL dependency for people using Makefile.PL in CPAN shell
0.0.8 Mon Jun 25
fixed mount_path issue and added test
0.0.7 Mon Jun 25
Minor pod changes
0.0.6 Mon Jun 25
Minor pod and build changes
0.0.5 Sun Jun 24
Initial public release
0.0.1 Fri Jun 22 21:25:56 2007
Initial release.
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