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This is a role to install the docker container of GitLab.


Requires the role docker to be executed before this role.

Role Variables

  • gitlab_docker_data_dir: The directory in which you want GitLab to store its data on the host machine
  • gitlab_docker_http_public: Whether or not you want to expose this instance publicly through the host
  • gitlab_docker_http_port: The port on which you want to expose the HTTP port from the docker container (only used if gitlab_docker_http_public is true)
  • gitlab_docker_ssh_port: The port on which you want to expose the SSH connection (always used)
  • gitlab_docker_hostname: The hostname under which the GitLab instance will be reached, i.e. the external domain you use to reach GitLab
  • gitlab_docker_external_ssl: Set to true if you use SSL on an external reverse proxy

Configuration of the Gitlab setup

  • gitlab_docker_lfs_enabled: Whether to enable LFS storage
  • gitlab_docker_lfs_storage_path: The path to which LFS items should be stored (path on the host, not in the gitlab container)

Example Playbook

This role is most useful together with other additional roles, e.g. for HTTP termination.

- hosts: database
     - "vars/ssl_gitlab.yml"
     - docker
     - gitlab-docker
     - ssl
     - nginx
     - gitlab-docker-nginx